The "1WorldFest." welcomes Lisa Angel Ray- a young woman of African American & Latino descent #GetToKnow1World

The "1WorldFest." welcomes Lisa Angel Ray- a young woman of African American & Latino descent #GetToKnow1World

So much more than an event, the "1World Fest Global." movement will have a community presence year round!

Later this year, 1World will be hosting the first in a series of town halls on diversity and inclusion focusing on the all too familiar occurrence of GENTRIFICATION. Too often we see incoming and existing residents who have differing social and economic backgrounds clashing with each other and with high expectations of both sides, the lack of tolerance and understanding contribute to the problems.

Before you can better understand others, though, you need to let others learn about you so, we're encouraging you to post a pic of yourself on IG or twitter, tell us a little bit about you: name and cultural heritage and tag it.  #GetToKnow1World

"Diversity in Action"

"Diversity in Action" is a series of interactive events & initiatives designed to have you partner with us in an effort to make this a more inclusive world.


Gentrification- The displacement of longtime residents in favor of a new, economically advantaged population is traumatic, harrowing and all too often an exercise in frustrating humiliation as people are forced to leave neighborhoods they've known all their lives.

Is this you? Have you or a friend experienced gentrification? 

Partner with us to address this issue in a way that may find solutions to help all of us co-exist more peacefully.

Post either a pic or video on IG telling us about your situation. Tell us what you think should be done. And please don't forget to use the #'s: #1WorldFest#FightHateEmbraceDifferent#The PowerofManyTogetherAs1. 

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