Get Involved

With a simple but powerful message of unity through understanding, 1WF has a simple methodology; speak to, work with and involve the very people we
Seek to empower as part of the process itself. As social media continues to amplify And accelerate existing socio-cultural nuances and new trends, we see those in our communities as strategists and innovators since they’re at the forefront of creating this exciting digital revolution. Who better then? to engage as partners in the effort to create better understanding among us? 

Set against a backdrop of pervasively incendiary rhetoric, religious fervor and social concerns which continue to marginalize opportunities for too many, 1wf and its partners
Have a strong commitment to achieving its goals. That commitment is underscored by the very simple fact that 1WF was founded and is run by leadership who in many cases are minorities themselves and who know all too personally, that without a commitment to change for the better, all could be lost. For 1WF then, failure is not an option.